UX: why there is no module for that

Session track
User experience
Experience level
50 min

In the last years, user-centric design has emerged as a must-have requirement. The concept of UX has flourished everywhere: in client briefs, job descriptions, trainings, books and articles. If you have been involved in the creation of digital products, including Drupal websites, you probably heard the UX song at various stages of development, especially at the end.

But what do we mean exactly by "UX"? Is it just a buzzword? Or a fancy way to talk about colours and buttons?

Together, we explore all the facets of the concept of user experience:

  • where it comes from
  • what it really means
  • what domains it covers
  • why it is so important
  • what pitfalls it brings with it
  • how to integrate it into your work process, whatever your position in your organisation.

About the speaker:
I am a senior functional analyst at AUSY, a Randstad company. I have been working on the usability of digital products for about 10 years. I am also the founder and organiser of the local professional group UX Ghent.