Introduction to Serverless

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50 min

Serverless does not mean there are no servers; those are only just hidden from you. Scale with ease without provisioning server and without paying for this for real? Yes it is! Can Drupal also be part of a serverless architecure? You bet! Can Drupal itself run serverles? Maybe... After this talk you will understand why serverless architecture is great and you will be excited to create your own serverless solutions to make your life easier. And last but not's lot's of fun!

Are you looking to expand your knowledge in the field of DevOps and development? This is for you! This talk will introduce the concept of serverless architecture and will cover it's advantages and disadvantages. You will learn about the common use cases where serverless is useful and I will highlight some projects where serverless is used in production. Think about things like automatic content injection/moderation/enrichment, video encoding with ffmpeg, chat bots, APIs and much more.

After this session you will know:

  • What "serverless" actually means
  • What the difference is with containers
  • Where and how you can run your serverless code
  • What types of serverless are common
  • Common use cases
  • Example projects where we used this in production
  • The advantages and disadvantages
  • How this architecture can be combined with Drupal
  • About the possibility to create a serverless state machine
  • How you can get started today (for free!)

Message for the review team

Serverless architecture is fairly new and it's gaining a lot of popularity. Although the session isn't primarily aimed at Drupal this session can attract both Drupal developers looking to broaden their knowledge but it's also very interesting to DevOps engineers and technical directors/solution architects. The session is aimed mostly at AWS Lambda and Google Firebase, I am not affiliated with any of them. I'm very excited about sharing this story with the Drupal community. Feel free to reach out if additional information is required.

Could also be fit in 30min if it suits the event and session can be given in Dutch or English.

About me

I've been a PHP developer for 12 years and recently changed into the role of Technical Director at MediaMonks, the biggest digital production agency on the planet. I've done sessions at various events including local meetups, DrupalCamps, DrupalJam, Drupal Dev Days and will do sessions at Decoupled Drupal Days in New York and Drupal Europe.