How to delight content editors with UX when building Drupal 8 websites

Session track
User experience
Experience level
50 min

I would like to share some feature requests that have been made by content editors, digital marketers and project managers I have worked with on projects and ways that I have handled them. By sharing these experiences, my goal is to make us all more aware of the common requests and how we can better build Drupal 8 websites to delight these customers.

Many of these have come from a project I worked on for a global advertising company where the requirements for an easy user experience were a little more demanding than I usually receive and as a result have changed the way I consider users when building websites. By remembering and delivering these things we can all launch more successful websites.

Areas I will cover are improving core and handy contrib modules to make the lives of content editors and site builders easier.

Specific improvement suggestions will be made for term and entity reference widgets and paragraphs.

The contrib modules I will cover include Autocomplete Deluxe, Conditional Fields, Coffee, Conditional Fields & admin theme enhancements with Adminimal Theme.

Things we should work harder to remember are user testing, help text, better error message text and using inline_form_errors.