Creating an enterprise level editorial experience for Drupal 8 using React

Session track
User experience
Experience level
50 min

With the powerful web APIs it has become relatively easy to create decoupled applications with Drupal 8 as a backend. A number of lighthouse applications have been created and powerful demo systems and starterkits such as 'Reservoir' und 'Contenta' have emerged.

Usually decoupled applications are used to display content, but editing of content still takes place in the backend.

However, technologies like React can perfectly be used to create a great editorial experience. Given the powerful REST APIs of Drupal a decoupled editing system can easily be integrated.

In a recent project we have created a decoupled application with React, that allows for editing content directly in the frontend. Using the possibiliteis of React to the fullest, we have created an modern editorial experience with 'in-place' editing, 'context-sensitive' editing, 'drag-n-drop' content placement and creation, and much more.

In this session we will present the application and our vision of what an enterprise level editorial experience should look like.

Besides the niceness of the application, we also discuss the challenges we encountered and our planned future development.

The main takeaways of this session will be, what to expect when going fully decoupled with an editorial experience and how this approach fits into the development of Drupal.