Being more human, taking Open Source, Agile and Cloud beyond tech!

Session track
Experience level
50 min

As a community we constantly talk of giveback, at Cons we even have a track called 'being human'...but do we empathise enough with our fellow human beings? are we engaged enough beyond our bubble? 

The session is an exploratory one. Exploring how we may take strengths and learnings that make us a successful Open Source community to wider audiences with a view of facilitating social transformation that addresses the needs of our societies globally. 

What can we learn from the transformation Drupal, Cloud and Agile has had on our ecosystems as technologists and how can we export those lessons beyond to heal and build a stronger society?

What’s Covered

There is no silver bullet but there are references and patterns from within the global Drupal community that given air time might help the wider community see, think, feel and act beyond our limited spheres. The story revolves around one not-for-profit startup that took inspiration from the Drupal community, is using Agile, Open source and Cloud to deliver social transformation programs, and just may be an inspiration for others in the Drupal community to engage with in their own geographies.

For Who

  • This session is for beginners and experienced individuals alike.
  • This session will provoke discussions on what our community can do to improve this pale blue dot for current and future generations.
  • This session is about the society we want to build, live in and leave behind.