Advanced Solr - Build Data Driven Features

Session track
Code & Development
Experience level
50 min

This session is neither about running or scaling a Solr server, nor about setting up Search API for Drupal.

It's about how you can access your data differently to get more value out of it.

I'll cover and basically explain some advanced Solr features like

  • dummy fields and index finalization
  • streaming expressions
  • graph queries
  • reranking using machine learning
  • JSON facet API
  • ...

Using Search API Solr Search it is easy to index your entities without coding. But once done we'll use some of these advanced features to implement some cool stuff.

So this session's goal is to enable you to implement features in a more efficient and quicker way than you can do by just using Drupal, PHP and a database.
To do so we'll use the Search API Solr Search 8.x-2.x module and the solarium 4.x library. (BTW I'm maintaining both.)

Compared to Drupal Europe 2018, this session will contain some updates ;-)