Pre DrupalCon Event

With DrupalCon this year being in Lille, which is super close to Belgium, we also want to organize something to bring the community together and to help speakers prepare for the event.

We have a free speaker training available that will help speakers with their last-minute preparations to help them deliver a session with as high quality as possible. This training will be delivered by Sarah Algoet, a voice teacher who will make sure you can give your presentation with authenticity, confidence and impact.

Register at meetup, to join us on October 16, 2023, the day before the start of the actual con.

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We organised many events in the past, and have plans for more. See a list of events that is organised by the Belgian Drupal Community members
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Having fun on a social night in the Castle of the Count in Ghent 2022

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The goal of the Drupal User Group Belgium (VZW) is facilitating and supporting initiatives within the Belgian Drupal Community. The non-profit takes on specific tasks to disseminate & improve the knowledge and use of Drupal in Belgium.

The non-profit for example organized many Drupalcamps and in 2022 even a 5-day Drupal Developer Days event.

Want to organize something and need our help in the form of administration, finance or other means, get in touch!